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A Watershed Moment:

Recommendations and Insights for the Health Information Profession to Meet the Emerging Needs of the Modern Healthcare Consumer

Modern consumers are often frustrated by their healthcare experiences—from the scheduling of services to access to information to how they receive care—especially in comparison with their experiences in other industries. Improving this user experience is mission-critical for any healthcare entity.

Whitepaper from Kaufman Hall in collaboration with AHIMA

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Key takeaways

Prepare the HI field for more analytical capabilities and roles.

Prepare the profession for increased involvement in the governance and management of healthcare data.

Develop strategies and resources that allow HI professionals and clinicians to improve the user experience of consumers—and address the social determinants of health.

 Increase HI participation in external advocacy and policy efforts.

Prepare the HI field for the possibility of more direct interactions with patients in the future.

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