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Cut through the Noise with 95 Years of Experience

As the leading voice and authority in health information, the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) serves as an expert, advisor, and advocate to organizations of every size. We help organizations innovate, mitigate risk, provide solutions, and solve pressing problems for their internal and external stakeholders.


AHIMA’s Healthcare Role is Integral and Far-Reaching

Founded in 1928, AHIMA has earned its reputation as a respected authority and resource for its members, the healthcare industry, government at every level, and the public worldwide.

Whether you’d like for us to review your entrepreneurial product, co-market an idea, or develop solutions for your most challenging needs, we offer a global network of experts skilled and knowledgeable at every level of healthcare.


What We Offer

Using our deep, collective understanding of health information, we lean into the future and forecast where healthcare will move next. Our vast knowledge and forward-thinking solutions originate from health information leaders who work at the intersection of healthcare, technology, and business, and are found in data integrity and information privacy job functions worldwide.

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Innovation and Insights

Advancements in the healthcare space are achieved when supported by accurate and reliable health data. Rely on AHIMA for a complete understanding of health information, its use, and the associated opportunities through which you can build your product portfolio. AHIMA acts as your soundboard, provides a platform to introduce your solutions, and verifies your products meet necessary HIPAA privacy and security requirements.

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Social Impact

As leading advocates and educators in an ever-evolving space, we provide a clear and interactive path to join partner voices and advance health information issues affecting organizations and patient care. AHIMA coordinates opportunities to interact with key industry leaders and organizations instrumental in the shaping of healthcare.

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When your team handles health information, in any capacity, you become a stakeholder in their well-being. Ensuring health information collected by your organization is used safely to its full potential requires a critical perspective. AHIMA discovers, analyzes, and provides insight into your processes and protocols to help you avoid legal and financial risk.

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Effective leadership teams in traditional and emerging health spaces require the critical perspective of a trusted, AHIMA-certified professional. Whether preparing for advancement in certification or educating your staff on the latest best practices, AHIMA has the right tools, resources, and programs to customize a learning program meeting your needs.

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