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Clinical Documentation Integrity

Improve Health Record Quality and Compliance

Accurate, comprehensive health records are the foundation of coordinated, safe, informed patient care. Our clinical documentation integrity (CDI) and regulatory compliance resources, guidance and education empower your health information team to capture and document patient information with precision.

Solutions designed to achieve your CDI program goals include:

Professional Development

Build an Expert Team

Exceptional health information teams make exceptional care possible. AHIMA helps you attract, develop, and keep top talent by equipping your team with the latest insights, best practices, and certifications in areas such as medical coding, revenue cycle management, health data analytics, and CDI. Investing in a culture of continuous learning increases your staff’s commitment to your goals, including:

Revenue Cycle Management

Ensure Payment Integrity

Timing and accurate reimbursement is vital to your mission of providing quality care. Our approach to improve operational efficiency in critical areas including revenue cycle, health data analysis and medical coding, include:

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