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How to Join as a Student Member with a Promotional Code

Step 1
Go to

Step 2
Select “Student Membership."

Step 3

Authentication is required in order to proceed with student membership registration. Therefore, an AHIMA user ID and password are required. If you do not have an AHIMA account, one can be created at this time.

  • Enter your AHIMA user ID and password in the indicated fields. If you have forgotten your user ID, password, or both, click Forgot Password or ID to reset them.
  • If you do not have an AHIMA account, complete the “New to AHIMA” section.

Step 4
After successfully logging in, the Membership Application screen will appear. Complete the required fields and select “Next” at the bottom of each page until the Checkout page.

Step 5
On the Checkout screen, enter your code in the “Promotional Code” field and click “Apply.”

Step 6
Once the code is applied, the discounted total should be $0.00.

Step 7

Click “Finish” to complete the registration.

Step 8

Welcome to AHIMA student membership!



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