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FAQs: AHIMA Website Log-in Access Improving

You have our sincere apologies for continued interruptions in log-in access to AHIMA websites.

Complete restoration is progressing. Intermittent interruptions are less frequent and relatively brief in duration. If you have difficulty logging in or accessing products or services, we ask that you wait a few minutes, then try again.


What is the scope of the log-in issue?

AHIMA websites requiring log in, also called single sign-on (SSO), are affected including:, MyAHIMA, the Learning Center, AHIMA VLab®, Access, Publications, the CEU Center, etc. All websites are operating normally and have not been impacted. The problem is with the front-end log-in process which at times is delayed or interrupted.


What is AHIMA doing to address the problem?

AHIMA engineers have been working round the clock with leading experts in information technology to investigate and resolve the issue.


When will the issue be resolved?

We have yet to identify the root cause of the problem but have made progress significantly reducing interruptions. We are doing everything we can to limit further impact and will not stop until access is completely restored.


What should I do if I need access and can’t log in?

Interruptions are intermittent, occurring infrequently, and are relatively brief in duration. If you are unable to log in, we encourage you to wait a few minutes, then try again. We realize this is not optimal and apologize for the inconvenience.

Please do not create a new account. Creating a new account linked to an existing user account will not avoid the log-in issue. Thank you.


Who is affected by the login issue and what are they experiencing?

Members, students, educators, and customers may be impacted as follows:

  • lack of or limited access to purchased products such as online courses including AHIMA VLab, webinars, and exam preparation material
  • barriers and delays that prevent online payment for membership dues, recertification fees, course enrollment, etc.
  • inability to address other potentially time-sensitive needs.


What mitigation strategies has AHIMA put in place to address member/customer concerns? 

AHIMA has instituted the following policies. For inquiries and requests, contact AHIMA Customer Service (800-335-5535;  

  • Courses, webinars, exams, etc. that are approaching the due date or that students were unable to complete during the academic term: AHIMA reviews extension requests on a case-by-case basis and will extend the availability date by 60 days.
  • Recertification fees: AHIMA reviews requests to waive recertification late fees on a case-by-case basis. When log-in issues have prevented the upload of continuing education units (CEUs) and/or payment of recertification fees, we will take credit card payments over the phone (call Customer Service). 
  • Membership dues payments: AHIMA has extended all March membership expirations for 60 days. Members with memberships expiring in April who had difficulty making payment due to log-in issues will receive the customary 30-day grace period. 
  • Certification exam applications: We advise those applying for certification exams to keep trying to log in. Applications and payments can only be submitted online for these exams. (We eliminated paper applications a few years ago.) For questions or assistance, contact Customer Service. 


Who do I contact if I have questions or concerns? 

AHIMA Customer Services is standing by: 

800 335-5535 


Addressing this problem and restoring seamless access to AHIMA platforms is our top priority. We will keep you updated through our website and on social media. Thank you. 

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