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Jessica Johnson, RHIA

Jessica Johnson


As a strategic leader, advisor, and Owner of J2 Integrity Solutions LLC, Jessica Johnson, RHIA, is a passionate health information professional that is transforming culture, departments, and organizations across the industry. She takes time to understand the landscape and carefully adjusts her plans and tactics to meet teams where they are at while aligning the work with the vision and mission of the organization she is partnering with.

Jessica is described as a visionary and a servant leader. She demonstrates personal and professional integrity and open-mindedness while also maintaining a sense of cultural awareness and humility that refuses to be overshadowed by her tenacity. Not only is Jessica’s strategic acumen and talent for assembling high-performing teams her identity and greatest skill, but it has also resulted in significant quality, compliance, and revenue optimization impact in every area she’s owned.

Jessica attributes many of her finest qualities to the lessons learned from several leaders and mentors that have helped her advance her career. She learned early on from a special mentor that in the high stress world of today’s professional work environments, health and success are maintained by finding personal balance. Jessica says consistently keeping her values front and center prevents her from losing focus and is the key to maintaining the healthy balance that is so integral to her success.

Jessica believes that leadership is about your thoughts, your words, and your actions. She understands the need for vulnerability, learning, and inspiring people to be their best. She brings this approach to her teams and peers alike and takes great pride in the many people that have advanced in their careers as a direct result of her leadership and mentoring efforts.

Jessica earned her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin Green Bay along with a pair of Associate’s degrees in Health Information Technology and Supervisory Management from Northeast Wisconsin Technical College. Starting at the grass roots level of a coder, in just 12 years she has swiftly elevated herself through the industry from positions of Manager and Director to those of Systems Director and Vice President. Today, she enjoys conducting business as the Owner and President of her own company.

Throughout her career, Jessica has received local and national recognition. She was the recipient of the Trust Builder Award, led the Middle Revenue Cycle team at Hennepin Healthcare to Grace Award Honorable Mention, and was a recipient of the Staff Excellence Award, in which just one non-clinical staff member of over 7,000 employees is honored.

Jessica volunteers her time as a mentor through the AHIMA M2M program, has been a mentor with the Women’s Health Leader Trust, and has mentored multiple physician leaders. Beyond participating in speaking engagements for conferences at a national level, she also keeps her talent local to her home in western Wisconsin, volunteering in her community, parish, and private school while enjoying life with her wonderful husband Ryan, and her 4 amazing children.

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