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David Elvira-Martinez, MSc in Economics

David Elvira-Martinez


David Elvira-Martinez is an experienced health economist with a strong institutional background as a top healthcare policymaker with in-depth knowledge of market access and public affairs activities in the pharmaceutical sector, as well as extensive international consultancy experience related to healthcare system policies, pharmaceutical business, healthcare reimbursement systems, and economic evaluation methods. His main responsibilities included carrying out top management duties in several public healthcare organizations and regional ministries in Spain as well as lobbying entities.

Moreover, he has been in charge of advising at regional (Catalonia), national (Spain), and international (World Health Organization) levels for healthcare policy planning and financing. He has 13 years teaching experience as an adjunct faculty professor in several universities in Spain with over 20 scientific publications as well as experience as a visiting researcher overseas.

He is now heading Global Corporate Public Policy at Sanofi.

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