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Data Collection

Q: Does your organization collect SDOH Data?

Data Governance


Most organizations report not having a governance committee that oversees collection and use of SDOH data.

Roles within the organization that collect and use SDOH data





Common Coding/Classification/Terminology Systems used to Collect SDOH Data


Q: Which social risk categories listed below are prioritized for collection?


Challenges in Collecting SDOH Data


Q: Does your EHR technology include alerts/triggers to notify clinicians that documentation has been captured such as food or housing insecurity?


AHIMA supports the use of public policy to encourage the collection, access, sharing, and use of social determinants of health (SDoH)1 to enrich clinical decision-making and improve health outcomes, public health, and health inequities in ways that are culturally respectful.


Survey Methodology - 13 questions, web-based survey administered in June 2020. Sample of 17,900 health information professionals

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