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Patricia S. Coffey, RHIA, CPHI, CPHIMS


Patricia S. Coffey, RHIA, CPHI, CPHIMS, is Chief, Health Information Management Department, Clinical Center, for the National Institutes of Health.  She is an experienced health information management executive with 25-plus years’ experience in managing and operating all aspects of an HIM organization. She has demonstrated experience leading multiple high-level, cross-organizational, complex projects, including implementation of patient and referring clinician portals; transition to an entirely electronic health record; transition to ICD-10-CM; and development of an equitable, inclusive healthcare environment including collection of patients’ gender identity. She has developed a dynamic career with determination to continually improve services provided to customers through patient engagement–related activities.

Position Statement Question

What makes you uniquely qualified as an educator or practitioner to serve on CEE? (Please include what capacity/degree level of programming in academia.)


Position Statement Answer

In my role as a HI professional, I have had the unique opportunity to serve in a wide variety of both traditional and non-traditional positions. These positions have enabled me to fully embrace change and be a critical catalyst for change management.

My experiences have enabled me to have an innovative and expansive view of the critical role HI professionals play in the patient experience, the provision of safe and high-quality care, and in supporting the critical missions of healthcare organizations. I understand and advocate for the important role that HI professionals play in healthcare and understand the importance of leveraging and developing a diverse workforce to meet organizational goals.

I have many years of experience managing and leading expansive organizational-wide projects including, more recently, the implementation of OpenNotes; migration to an electronic informed consent management process; development of a robust telehealth program; and many other far-reaching initiatives.

I am a fierce advocate for the health information profession and actively promote the essential role that HI professionals play well past the “walls of the HIM department.” Including skilled HI professionals on critical organizational teams adds depth of knowledge, problem-solving expertise, and critical thinking skills that are unmatched.

Additionally, I am devoted to sharing my knowledge and experiences with the next generation of health information professionals and see myself as a valued mentor for new graduates and new HI professionals/staff by serving as an internship sponsor/mentor for several colleges and universities for students at the associate, bachelor’s, and doctorate levels. I currently hold a bachelor’s degree in health information management and a master’s degree in health informatics administration, and hold RHIA, CPHIMS, and CPHI certifications.


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