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Evan T. Harmon, MHI, RHIA


Evan T. Harmon, MHI, RHIA, is a corporate IT manager at Baptist Health Kentucky (Baptist) and provides support and direction over health information management IT applications, including the full suite of Epic HIM and 3M applications. While at Baptist, Harmon has supported the implementation of Epic and served as a project manager leading integrated areas such as Legal Medical Record, Patient Confidentiality, and ICD-10 for Baptist’s nine facilities and 300-plus outpatient locations. He has served in numerous board positions for both the Kentucky Health Information Management Association (KHIMA) and River Valley Health Information Management Association and is currently serving as Section Chair (I-1) over Alpha Phi Omega chapters in West and Central Kentucky.

Position Statement Question

AHIMA’s mission is empowering people to impact health. What distinctive expertise and experience do you have to contribute to AHIMA’s mission?


Position Statement Answer

As a healthcare leader, my willingness to listen, ability to influence, and forward-thinking strategic mindset allow me to push AHIMA and our mission forward alongside the rapidly changing healthcare landscape. Now more than ever, we must inspire our members to invoke their voice within their organizations to initiate continued progress and change.

When I began my career in healthcare IT, HIM presence in the field was uncommon. Recently, I was able to speak to our senior leadership about our increasing rate of patient duplicates, which has persisted through the course of the pandemic. To meet the needs of our patients during these difficult times, we have completed an IT build to accommodate open scheduling for vaccination registration and allowed patients to enter the health system by signing up for our portal without the use of a signup code.

Both of these technology adjustments needed to accommodate our patients have increased the patient duplicate rate, as we are using patient-entered data, which is more prone to entry errors. Optimizing our duplicate checking parameters, recommending IT system add-ons to help strengthen patient entered data with validation checks, and advocating for the need for more HIM professionals in the data integrity space are some ways I used my voice to make recommendations to our leadership team.

These recommendations, which led to IT system optimizations, ensured our duplicate rate stayed controlled as our patient volumes increased during the height of the pandemic. By demonstrating value gained by my HIM foundational background and speaking up on issues in IT that affect HIM, I have personally been able to impact the patients in my community.


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