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Program Overview

The AHIMA Approved Continuing Education Program® (ACEP) for third-party providers offers the opportunity for organizations, institutions and individuals to issue AHIMA-qualified CEUs. By becoming an approved provider, and submitting educational content for review and approval, you enter into a partnership with AHIMA with the goal of delivering exceptional, high-quality content to certified health information (HI) professionals.

Please download the 2024 ACEP Guidebook for complete details and answers to frequently asked questions.


We Believe Education Leads to Empowerment

That’s why we're all about ensuring the strength of our ACEP program. Our mission is to ensure the rigor, quality, and consistency of qualified learning experiences.

Rigor: ACEP Providers meet rigorous content development, presentation, and evaluation standards.

Quality: These standards ensure the highest quality educational experience for HI credentialed professionals.

Consistency: All ACEP-approved programs offer a learning experience that is consistent, fair, and focuses on the content HI professionals need to succeed.

Benefits of Becoming an ACEP Provider

  • Approved programs are recognized by AHIMA, HI professionals, coding professionals, and employers as having met AHIMA quality standards for continuing education.
  • Approved providers will be featured in the ACEP Provider Guide, available for review by any credentialed professional seeking CEUs on the AHIMA website.
  • Use of the ACEP provider logo on CEU certificates
  • Specified language may be used on company websites for marketing of ACEP-approved programs only (See Guidebook).
  • Confirmed accepted numbers of CEUs by AHIMA.
  • Confidence in CEU submission for attendees.

Program Compliance

AHIMA does not provide pending approval for programs that have not completed the approval process. No advertising or documentation stating such is allowed. 

AHIMA regularly monitors approved programs to ensure the guidelines are consistently met. Participants at approved programs are encouraged to contact AHIMA if they feel a program provider is not meeting AHIMA requirements and standards. ACEP may periodically request additional program materials to ensure the provider's performance is in compliance.  

If AHIMA receives a complaint, or identifies through monitoring, that a program provider may not be in compliance, the ACEP Certification Administrator will contact the program provider in writing to request documentation for its investigation and request a response to the complaint or concern within thirty (30) days. AHIMA reserves the right to conduct an audit of the learning event or the organizational entity. 

If the program provider fails to submit the documentation and a response to AHIMA within thirty (30) days, the program provider will immediately be notified in writing and placed on probation for a ninety (90) day period. If a program provider sends AHIMA the appropriate documentation and response, and the investigation reveals that the complaint or concern does not support noncompliance, AHIMA will notify the program provider and remove the probationary status. If the ACEP Certification Administrator does not receive a response, the provider’s approved status may be revoked. 


Any Questions? Contact Us. 

Contact the ACEP Certification Administrator at


Expedited views can take up to a week, but usually are reviewed within 3-5 business days. Non-expedited reviews may take up to two weeks, but usually are reviewed within 7 business days. Post-event submissions are not accepted for review.

All new organizations must apply to become an approved provider through ACEP in order to submit an educational program. To apply, you must be logged into your MyAHIMA account. Once logged in, scroll to the Certified Education Provider section and Click on Become a Provider. Once approved, you will gain access to the provider portal and have the ability to submit application(s).

An application is required for each individual program which offers CEUs. If a program is comprised of multiple modules/ lessons/sessions, only one application is required so long as they are not offered individually (must be a series).

Review the HI Domains in the ACEP or Recertification Guides.

Any changes to the program or its faculty after approval has been granted must be reported to ACEP. Please notify if you have changes to your program after approval. 

Programs which are cancelled within 14 days of receiving approval will incur a $75 processing fee, and the remaining payment amount will be refunded. Notification and requests for refund must be made in writing to

ACEP does not grant approval for review courses, study seminars, summarizing articles, examination preparatory courses, or similar offerings. Responsibilities that fall within the normal parameters of an individual's job description do not qualify for CEUs. Detailed information concerning continuing education activities can be found in the  AHIMA Recertification Guide

A CEU Certificate, containing the appropriate content, must be provided to attendees. This may be provided as a hard copy or electronically generated form.

Coming soon: all approved programs will be able to upload the final participant list; however, the certificate will still be required.

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